Bed Type Mill

Bed type precision milling machine 1470 x 380mm table size plus so much more.

Standard Features

  • ONE-PIECE HUGE and rigid bed casting, EXTREMELY WIDE slide ways (especially super wide Y axis slide way), FULLY LENGTH saddle supported & STRONG TYPE work head ensure EXCELLENT HEAVY CUTTING and accuracy maintaining
  • INVERTER operated vari-3 axes auto feed, strong type reduction gear motor drive ensure handy and powerful feeding; 2 AXES feed in SIMULTANEOUS
  • INVERTER OPERATED vari-spindle speed
  • DISENGAGABLE handwheels for handy & safe operation
  • C5 BALL SCREWS w/double nuts on 3 axes
  • Licensed MEEHANITE casting
  • HARDENED & GROUND on X, Y, Z, slide ways & top surface of table
  • TURCITE B coated on X, Y, Z slide ways and gibs
  • Telescopic steel way covers on X axis and Y front
  • Accessories include: Automatic lubrication system, Coolant system, Halogen lamp, Tools & tool box

Machine Specs