gb 100

nc mandrel bender

Ercolina's GB100 semi-automatic mandrel bender is ideal for bending tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to center line radius as tight as 1.5 x diameter and accepts large radii tooling to 16" CLR.

Standard Features

  • USB for unlimited program memory storage and communication
  • Programmable bend angles with independent material springback setting for each bend
  • Standard hydraulic ports accept Ercolina's patented (KST) clam shell clamp system
  • Accepts YBC and XYZ input values
  • Y - Manual Feed
  • B - Manual Feed
  • C - Bending Hydraulic NC
  • Mild steel tube capacity 4¾" (.196 wall)
  • Stainless tube capacity 4¾" (.150 wall)
  • Square tube capacity 4½" (.138 wall)
  • A36 pipe capacity to 3" Sch. 40
  • PLC touch screen offers easy access to auto and manual operating modes, system diagnostics and multiple language capability
  • Interactive touch screen displays absolute (ABS) and incremental (INC) positioning with inch or metric readout
  • Programmable auto mandrel retraction allows operator to optimize extraction for improved bend quality

Machine Specs

Refer to Leabourn & Rose Ltd for more information - (09) 2746186