5 Axis machining centre

Hartford's 5A-650 is gantry designed machine with a rotating and tilting 650mm diameter table, available in 4 + 1 or true 5 Axis simultaneous machining configuration.

standard features

Constructed with a swivel rotary table in combination with gantry type machine structure, the 5A-650 exhibits unmatched rigidity and stability in high speed machining.  It's a fully modular machine allowing for flexible choice in spindle head, table and tool magazine.

  • Rapid traverse 36/36/36 m/min
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Preloaded ballscrew on 3 axes
  • Convection heat exchanger in control
  • Auto power off
  • RS-232 interface
  • Operation manual & electric drawing equipment
  • #40 10000rpm direct drive


  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • Full enclosed splash guard & top cover
  • Coolant jets around spindle
  • Centrealized automatic lubrication equipment
  • Spindle air curtain
  • Fluorescent lamp
  • Air blast through spindle
  • Handy coolant gun
  • Remote manual pulse generator
  • Operation finish lamp
  • Oil fluid separator

Optional Features

  • Link type chip conveyor and portable chip bucket
  • 20/25/70 bar standard type CTS
  • Cooling through the tool and tool holder system
  • Oil mist coolant system
  • Oil mist collector
  • Auto tool length measurement (TT160, TS27R, NC4)
  • Auto work piece measurement (TS460, XMP40/60)
  • Heidenhain KKH100
  • Closed loop linear scale positioning system
  • #40 12000/15000/20000rpm direct drive spindle (200000rpm for FANUC only)
  • 30/40/60T arm type ATC
  • Built-in 24000rpm spindle

Machine Specs