5BC series

5 axis machining centre

For large format 5 axis machining, then consider the 5BC series.  This machine is a bridge construction with a 5 axis machining head.

standard features

The Hartford 5BC series builds on decades of machining excellence from the Hartford brand to delivery a next generation solution for customers in the Aerospace components industry.

High tech structural components machined from aluminum and alloys with 3D contours are the standard requirement for aerospace parts and demand the very best in cutting efficiency and precision.  Hartford's in house 240 degree 5-axis head delivers the versatility and cutting flexibility you need to handle large complex components machining.

  • Distance from spindle centre to column 430mm
  • Built in spindle 15000rpm (ATE) DC/150/150/6 x 15000 x37kw (S6-60%)
  • Tool ARM type tool magazine 32 pcs
  • Hydraulic hose coolant gun
  • Operator panel, pendent type
  • Spindle air curtain
  • Coolant through spindle, prepare, without water cart
  • Three steps treadle (side-operation), 1500 x 810 x 852mm
  • Maintenance safety guard (including maintenance ladder)
  • Coolant system coolant pump motor
  • Lubrication system
  • air blast through spindle (M53)
  • Spray around spindle
  • Spindle water cooler
  • Link type chip conveyor & portable chip bucket x 1
  • Fluorescent lamp x 1
  • Full enclosed splash guard (single door)
  • Foundation bolt, concrete
  • Tool package
  • Hartford manual x 1

Optional Features

  • Oil skimmer

  • Coolant through spindle, 20BAR, with water cart

  • Coolant through spindle, 25BAR, with water cart

  • Full enclosed splash guard 3pcs door

  • CTS full splash guard with top cover

  • Tool ARM type tool magazine 40pcs

  • Tool ARM type tool magazine 60pcs

  • X-axis linear scale system (Heidenhain)

  • Y-axis linear scale system (Heidenhain)

  • Z-axis linear scale system (Heidenhain)

  • Air gun

  • Hoist seat

Machine Specs