cold sawing lines

The A 7 fast cutting line for straight cuts, can has a bar stop positioned manually or manages with a servomotor to be positioned for different lengths from the same bar or bundle.

Adjustments and setting are obtained through command panel, with the help of database store in the control memory. The machine is provided of a bundle loader, the feeding is obtained with motorized rollers, the length determination with a bar stop, the discharge with flaps with two or three positions programmable

Standard Features

  • Programming helped by parameterization in memory
  • Device to protect electronically the blade, with delay and limit of intervention
  • Double vice hanging the bar
  • Adjustment of closing pressure of the vices
  • Bundle loader
  • Cutting head with linear trajectory
  • Programable: speed rotation of the blade, working speed of the blade, with ramps of acceleration, deceleration relative to tube size and thickness
  • Feeding rolls with displacement in cycle to avoid scratching of the tube
  • Gears head  helical, hardened, and grinded

Machine Specs