ks 425 ar bm

cold sawing line

The KS 425 ARM is a disk integrated cut system for angles cut of tube and profiles, blade coming up from the table that has the possibility to rotate. Head with gears well dimensioned  to permit precision and speed also with stainless or hard materials.

Manage by a NC, HMI touch screen or could be installed an industrial PC to connect the machine with the network. 

Preconceived subroutines to facilitate the user in programming: trim length, speed of introduction and speed blade rotation (if there is a frequency variator for the blade motor) are settable on the program.

Standard Features

  • HMI touch screen 10 “
  • Electronic protection of the blade
  • Axis moved by servomotors
  • Vices and pince long stroke, self-adjusting
  • Range of ten speeds with different couple of gears
  • Programmable device for trim cut
  • Pressure vices adjustable

Machine Specs