DURMA pbf series

3 Axes CNC Syncro Press Brakes

PBF series is an economical, accurate press brake solution you have been waiting for. Not only will the price impress you BUT also the added value features...


DURMA ad-r series
3-5 Axes CNC Syncro Press Brakes

The AD-R series gives you a range of value oriented Press Brakes. With their large stroke, daylight, and throat allows cost effective production of simple to complex large shapes...


DURMA ad-s series
4-16 Axes CNC Syncro Press Brake

Unlimited possibilities and features providing faster setup and part production. Large daylight opening and working areas...


DURMA ad-servo
4-16 Axes Hybrid Syncro Press Brake

Eco-friendly press brake for clean energy saving operations.
Lower cost, energy efficient, accurate, speed and quiet...


DURMA flexible solutions

Durma’s flexible production plant capabilities can provide you a customised solution to bend any large format...