Sale Terms and Conditions


 1.  Quotations and offers

All Quotations and offers are made with

(a)  Validity of 30 days unless otherwise stated (subject to prior sales)

(b)  Exchange rate calculated on the day of quotation. Leabourn & Rose Ltd reserve the right to amend final pricing to the exchange                rate to the due “day of payment”.

(c)  Specifications All manufacturers reserve the right to alter specifications. It is up to the buyer to satisfy themselves of the machine’s          specifications for their application.

(d)  Tool choice (Edged or otherwise) and tool holding is the responsibility of the purchaser.

(e)  Deliveries quoted are from the Manufacturer of the said machinery / accessories (referred to in this statement as “Equipment”) to              Leabourn & Rose Ltd and passed on in good faith. Delays, unexpected or otherwise can not be held responsible to Leabourn &                     Rose Ltd account.

2.  Payment

Payment is due upon receipt of Leabourn & Rose Ltd invoice as per the terms set out thereon. Agreed purchases with delayed payment in case of deposits and / or ex stock “Equipment” exceeding 7 days from the date of the invoice will result in the sale being null and void, and the said "Equipment" will be placed back on the market place. E.g.  L&R does not offer a "lay-by" facility.

For Indent sales, Leabourn & Rose Ltd reserves the right to either pursue cancellation of the sale as above (Forth forting deposits paid) or apply penalty interest rate commencing from the time of agreed final payment.

In the case where the purchaser’s premises are not ready to accept the said “Equipment” or for whatever other reasons, storage fees and the additional handling fees will apply over and above the agreed selling price and be charged to the Customer’s account. 
All credit will be stopped on overdue accounts.

3.  Title

The Title or Ownership of the "Equipment" remains the property of Leabourn & Rose Ltd until paid in full. For delay / overdue payments, Leabourn & Rose Ltd charge an interest rate of 2.5% per month from the time when the overdue account occurs until such time full payment is received. Leabourn & Rose Ltd also register its interest in the said Equipment with PPSR (Personal Property Securities). All debt collection charges will be payable by the company in default of payment.

4.  Delivery

The responsibility and transit liability of the goods will pass to the purchaser immediately on leaving the store from where purchased (Within New Zealand only). All transport related costs are the purchasers care. Insurance for transportation and installation is highly recommended. In the unfortunate case of transit damage, our assessment and repair is strictly treated as a different contract and chargeable. Claims for the damage should be made to the appropriate party. 

5.  Claims / Returns

All claims and missing items are to be reported within 7 days of receiving the goods. No goods will be accepted for return (credit) unless with express written permission of our management. Indent and procured items cannot be returned for credit. In the special case of goods being accepted by Leabourn & Rose Ltd for return a restocking charge of 20% applies.

6.  Installation

L&R cannot be considered responsible for unloading, unpacking and installation of the "Equipment", connection of electrical supply and services, supply of oil etc. Nor guarding of the work stations of the machine or feeding systems.

Positioning of the machines and installation of the machine are to satisfy O.S.H. & Work safe NZ, where walkways are clear, cabinets can be opened without interference and the machine has sound footing and foundations as to the manufacture's specifications. Leabourn & Rose Ltd will not be involved in foundation preparation / settling the “equipment” in any form.

In most cases "Equipment" is shipped with packaging and anti rust cover.  This is to protect your investment. It is the buyers care to remove and dispose all this in accordance to the health and safety of your personnel and environment. The Equipment is to be cleaned with suitable cleaning agents in such a way as not to damage paintwork and slide-ways. Hydraulic rams and such moving parts are to be cleaned so when start up occurs anti rust material does not damage wiper seals.
NZ transport regulations prohibit the transporting of (machines) “Equipment” with oil.  Hence all “Equipment” is supplied dry and it is the purchaser's responsibly to obtain the appropriate oil and fill the “Equipment”. Connection to clean air supply, supply of coolant and cutting fluid is also the responsibility of the purchaser.
All “Equipment” is supplied less cord and plug.  The purchaser is responsible to have the “Equipment” electrically wired to the supply by authorized people to conform to the wiring and safety regulations of their area. (Tip; check rotations of motors and in some cases, prime the pumps).
In some cases, minimal assembly work is required. It is the buyer’s responsibility to carry this out. Safety guarding for the "Equipment" and its feed in and feed out tables are the responsibility of the purchaser to satisfy OSH and Work safe NZ.  On request, Leabourn & Rose Ltd can introduce suppliers of safety systems.

7.  Commissioning Equipment

Leabourn & Rose Ltd will commission “Equipment” only when it is part of the purchase agreement. Installations as in Section 6 must be completed prior to the arrival of Leabourn & Rose’s engineer. During the commission, Leabourn & Rose’s engineer will start the machine, demonstrate the key features of the machine and cover all the relevant issues. The purchaser is required to assist Leabourn & Rose Ltd personnel in what way possible to a reasonable extent by the way of extra hands and /or handling equipment.  The cost of this assistance is not reclaimable from Leabourn & Rose Ltd. 

Leabourn & Rose Ltd engineers are not obliged to manufacturer any components, products or prototypes. Tool setting and tool choice is the responsibility of the purchaser. A maximum of three personnel can be present for the start up and control familiarisation of the "Equipment's" features. Basic training - CNC or other/safety course certificate is chargeable per time as per our standard service charge (see 9). Familiarisation for additional personnel for the use of the “Equipment” and its safety aspects is additional and outside the commissioning agreement. 

8.  Warranty Terms

The warranty period on NEW machines is 2000 hours or 12 months with one 8 hour shift per day / 5 day week. Monday to Friday. Initial technical support will be via telephone, facsimile, or email.  If above methods have been exhausted, the "Equipment" should be returned to Leabourn & Rose Ltd for repair. Transport both ways to be at buyer’s account. If this is impractical Leabourn & Rose Ltd will send an engineer to site. The purchaser is required to assist Leabourn & Rose Ltd personnel in what way possible to a reasonable extent by the way of extra hands and /or handling equipment.  The cost of this assistance is not reclaimable from Leabourn & Rose Ltd.  The purchaser cannot arrange a third party or its own service team to fix the problem. 

The warranty covers faulty workmanship and / or materials subject to fair wear & tear and correct use for their intended purpose. Parts will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion. All warranty excludes Edged tooling (cutting blades) and light bulbs & fittings. The warranty period is non-transferable if the machine is on sold.

Leabourn & Rose Ltd makes every effort to provide its warranty services with minimum delay. However, the time frame on completion of the solution is very dependent on the fact of sourcing the replacement parts.  Warranty strictly does not cover to the following:

  • Damage from transit or installation

  • Damage in whatever kind caused as a result of the “Equipment” failure

  • “Equipment” failure due to incorrect usage or human error

  • Obtaining or improving features not in the original agreement

  • Charges of assistance provided by the purchaser or his agent

  • Employing a third party to solve the problem without written approval.

Remember - Software is not a product - bugs, glitches, etc which do not interfere with the major operation are NOT considered as warranty issues.

9.  Non-Warranty Service Terms

Leabourn & Rose Ltd has a firm policy NOT to devolve information (technical or otherwise) about any sold equipment without the written acknowledgement of the owner of the said equipment. Only then initial technical support will be via telephone, facsimile, or email. This service, via telecommunications is ‘free of charge’ only for the first few minutes. If greater details are required, or we find ourselves looking up records / drawings a charge applies. Our advisory services on application technology, whether in verbal or in writing, are based on our experience and are tendered to the best of our knowledge but are deemed to be information only, without commitment.

Work conditions and differing application conditions which are beyond our sphere of influence exclude any claims based on the information we provide. We recommend every time for our engineers to visit your site, or alternatively, by arrangement the equipment can be returned to our workshop (freight being paid both ways).

Listed below is our charge out rates:

  • Time (on case) - Electronic - $160.00 + GST per hour

  • Time (on case) - Mechanical - $140.00 + GST per hour

  • Minimum Charge - $220.00 + GST – Also applies to inspection fee

  • Travel by time - $125.00 + GST per hour or part thereof

  • Travel by kilometres - $0.72 + GST per kilometre

  • Special Travel (air) - $ 95.00 + GST per hour or part thereof

This includes our Engineers time to & from our work place 87 Springs Rd East Tamaki Auckland. Any additional mode of transport i.e. Taxi/Air fare is charged at the cost price plus 10% account fee. 

  • Overnight stay - Charged at cost plus evening meal – plus 10% account fee.

  • After hours - By negotiation. Our normal operating hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday

10.  Additional Technical Material

Supplementary or lost manuals can be reproduced at a minimum of $45 per copy. Subject to availability.

11.  Used Machine Tools

All used "Equipment" sold by Leabourn & Rose Ltd does not come with any warranty in any form.  The purchaser must satisfy themselves as the suitability and condition as the said "Equipment". Uploading, Transportation and unloading of the equipment is the sole responsibility of the new purchaser.

12.  Website / catalogue Accuracy

Leabourn & Rose Ltd has made every effort to ensure the above is correct and up-to-date. However, the company does not guarantee it and reserves the right to modify those specifications without any further notice.

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